Featured by Future Earth

Back in October 2016 cCHALLENGE was even featured in a Future Earth blog post. If you're new to Future Earth, you should know it's a renowned 10-year global research initiative providing the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformations to a sustainable world. The initiative spans more than 60.000 scientists.

Their cCHALLENGE post was part of a series featuring stories about the creative ways non-scientists are getting involved in sustainability research. The red thread running through all these posts were connections: connections to self, connections to other, and connections to place, illustration how relationships are key when working with sustainable solutions.

With the cCHALLENGE post, the they also emphasized how our tools and programs help

people develop a bran new perspective on change, giving the reader a brilliant introduction to both the science behind cCHALLENGE and how it works in reality.

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