How hard can it be to change a habit?

This just in! In the latest edition of A-Magasinet Aftenposten, cCHALLENGE (and the science behind it) is featured in a beautiful article written by journalist Anette Aasheim. Photos are by Tom Kolstad.

By reaching thousands of new readers with the message that they are the real solution to climate change, the fight for a sustainable future just got a lot more powerful!

Focusing on the change part of climate change, the article peeks behind the curtain of what makes change challenging. The idea is that once you know what you're dealing with, you can make the necessary adjustments and keep going. cCHALLENGE is not about quick fixes, but aboutexperimenting with transformation in a smart and engaging way. Once you see the affects of this in our own life, you rediscover the joy of being a game changer.

It all began in 2010, at the University of Oslo, Norway, where Professor Karen O┬┤Brien wanted her students to experience the power of change, not just read about it in dry text-books. The results were astonishing, and so cCHALLENGE was born and immediately rolled out to..well, everyone!  Now, six years later, models, politicians, students, CEOs, activists, and stay-at-home moms are just some of the people who have participated in the cCHALLENGE program. It truly is designed for everyone, regardless of life situation, age, or background.

Want to learn more? Read the full article in the A-Magasinet article (behind a paywall and in Norwegian).