145 students take the cCHALLENGE

Something will change in Stabekk over the next 21 days. It may pass unnoticed, but it will be significant. Why? Because Stabekk High School has decided to do something about climate change.  They have taken on the cCHALLENGE – a project that is far more powerful than it looks because it engages people directly with change. 

At Stabekk High School, 145 first-year students, their teachers and even the rector of the school have committed to make one small change in their daily lives that is related directly or indirectly to reducing the risk of climate change.  It is part of their module on sustainability, and it is part of their science, social studies and English classes.

Karen O´Brien from cCHANGE visited the school a couple of days before the challenge started to present the latest science of climate change and to explain to the students why and how they are important parts of the solutions. She pointed out that one small change can make a big difference, especially when it starts new conversations about change.


The students have chosen a range of change experiments. Some will eat less meat, some take shorter showers, and others will avoid plastics. The rector has chosen to get better at recycling. Over the next 21 days the they will be active on Instagram, posting photos and text about their experiences. You can follow their stories on the hashtag #schallenge (short for Stabekk Challenge).

It will be exciting to follow their ups and downs, and interesting to see how they inspire and influence others -- not only friends and family, but people all over Norway (and the world?!). Not the least, we look forward to hearing their insights on change. When young people understand that they can play a key role in changing systems, watch out!