cCHALLENGE makes use of the most powerful solution to climate change that exists. People.





cCHALLENGE is an experiment with change. You commit to one change for 30 days and reflects on what it means for you, for others, and for the bigger picture. What makes change easy or hard? What kinds of conversations does it generate? Sharing insights and stories on a digital platform, you start to see patterns and possibilities. Discover how and why you make a difference –  and don’t be surprised if it’s not the way you think!

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What we offer

We are passionate about people as the solution to climate change. We want to ignite creativity, commitment and action for large-scale transformations to sustainability. We offer cCHALLENGE programs to organizations, businesses, schools and groups to experience, reflect on and discover what change is really about. Drawing on decades of research, we offer a structured and fun way to engage people with one of the biggest issues of our time – global sustainability.

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